Signs to Shut Your Business and Start a New One

Signs to Shut Your Business and Start a New One

Signs to Shut Your Business and Start a New One

Last Updated on February 29, 2020


Running a business is not a cakewalk. There would be many challenges at every step. As an individual, it becomes very important to have clear thoughts and make the right business decisions at the right time. One of the toughest decisions that an entrepreneur has to take is whether or not he should shut his business. When the circumstances of the business are not favourable, it the right time to shut the business and venture into a new one. In this article, you will learn about the signs to shut your current business and start another one.

Signs to Shut Your Business

  • No Business Growth

Even after trying hard and giving a steady push, there is no significant growth in the business then this is not a good sign. There is something wrong with the business and it’s time to pause and look at the processes again. Even after that if things are not working well then it is the right time to close your business.

  • No Profits

The aim of starting any business is to make good profits. When your business is working at full capacity and still you are not making enough profits then it is the time to implement new systems. If the new systems and processes are not giving an improvement in operations and profitability then it’s the right time to stop your business and venture into something which is more fruitful.

  • Not Matching Market Standards

To become a successful business, it is important to offer something new to the customers and hold on to the target audience. But, when you are entering a market segment in which the products and services are already existing then in such a situation it becomes important to match the market standards. If you are unable to meet those standards then sooner or later you will have to shut your business.

  • You Are Not Enjoying

A business can be successful only when there is a combination of efforts and positive energy that keeps you motivated to run the business. There are times when you have to work day and night and the pressure to deliver the best frustrates and demoralizes you. Even after working hard regularly, your working pattern doesn’t improve and the results of the efforts are not significant, then it is obvious that you would not enjoy working or continuing the business.

  • Financial Trouble

Most businesses run out of fuel when there is lack of finance. No business can survive without sufficient finances. It is important for your business to break even and create a base from where you can run it successfully. If you are not able to manage the finances or recover from financial crunch in your business then is the time for some rethinking or shutting down your business.

  • Market Trend

In today’s time, the market is dynamic and it keeps on changing. You must be aware of the current trends and follow them to survive in the market. If you are not able to maintain your business with the market trends, it is the time to make changes. If you are unable to make those changes then be prepared to shut your business.

  • When Key Employees Are Missing

When the key employees and strategists say goodbye to your company, it is time for introspection. The success and profitability of the company depend upon the output of the key employees. If they leave the company because of some problem and you are not able to save your company without them, then rather trying to repair the business, it is the time to quit the business.

The above mentioned are some of the signs to shut your business. When you close down one business, you always have the opportunity of getting into a new venture. To assist you in new company formation in India, IMC Group is at your service. IMC Group is a one-stop solution for corporate advisory service, global mobility services, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, outsourcing solutions, etc. To help you focus on your core business activities, we provide bookkeeping services in India. In addition, if you need any assistance regarding taxation matters, you can avail our taxation services in India. For more information, you can get in touch with us by dropping us an email.


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