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$2.2tn Worth Indian Economy is Opening up Investment Opportunities for Qatar

$2.2tn Worth Indian Economy is Opening up Investment Opportunities for Qatar

Last Updated on May 26, 2021


Do you know that the $2.2tn worth Indian economy has been growing at more than 7.5 percent? The Indian ambassador, P Kumaran shared the good news that India is now offering many investment opportunities to Qatar. He shared this at a recent annual networking event that was organized by the Qatar Financial Center (QFC) along with the Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC).

Kumaran also said that India has a nominal gross domestic product of over $2tn (which is over $7tn on purchasing power parity basis) and a growth rate of over 7.5 percent, and it now ranks as one of the most rapidly-growing large economies of the world. India is now opening its doors and offering many opportunities to Qatar with regards to investment options, a highly-trained and educated workforce, and a market showing potential for business alliances.

He also said that the Indian embassy would continue to give its support to the QFC in promoting business and also form new commercial links. Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida, who is the QFC chief executive, said that Qatar and India have always shared good and stable bilateral ties, and the QFC would continue to play its role in supporting the flourishing Indian business community located in Qatar, which influences further development of these relations.

There are about 24 fully-owned Indian companies based and operating in Qatar as of now. There is a forecasted 6,000 Qatar-India joint ventures functioning in the field of infrastructure, energy sector, ICT, and other areas, and the contribution that the Indian businesses play in the local economy is really huge and irrefutable.

QFC also houses 31 Indian businesses that include Tech Mahindra, a fintech firm named Goals101, and many others. K M Varghese, who is the President of IBPC said that IBPC feels that the QFC should be partnering with them in Qatar to fulfill their aim of attracting more and more Indian businesses and organizations into Qatar by using the very unique QFC platform.

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