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Dubai: FDI expected to increase over next five years

In 2013, the foreign direct investment (FDI) grew by 8% globally at a value of $1,461 billion and it is expected to increase at least 10% annually in the next five years, according to the Foreign Direct Investment Report 2013. Since 2008 the emerging economies have been increasing their share of global FDI inflows gradually, […]

EU-UAE relations increasing

In recent years relations between the European Union (EU) and the UAE have increased and are likely to be enhanced in light of the new visa rules and growing bilateral trade. The trade between the two countries is increased by around 10% in 2013. Its major imports are machinery, compliances, transport equipment and chemical products […]

UAE residents pin hopes on Expo

A majority of the UAE residents see a positive impact on their lives as the country prepares itself to host the Expo2020. Residents looks forward for the big game changer and believe the changes will be felt as more improvement in personal lines, business expand and grow, leading to employment opportunities. According to the research […]

DMCC Tradeflow hosts international soft commodity pledge

DMCC Tradeflow established as the online exchange for physical commodities in 2014, in the UAE with the goal of stimulating liquidity in Dubai’s commodity trading marketplace. More than 100 pledges booked in a variety of commodities for the UAE-based banking community. The platform allows for electronic transfer of ownership through tradeable warrants, which are certificates […]

Dubai’s foreign trade is expected to touch AED4trn

In 2013, Dubai trade hit Dh1.392 trillion and was the major contributors to Dubai’s GDP with almost 30% of the total. The government will keep spending by prompting more businesses, infrastructure and investment will come to the UAE. New comes to be developed across all business sectors, and drastic increase on demand on goods will […]