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Efficient Directorship Services for your Firm

Efficient Directorship Services for your Firm

Business expansion requires skilled, dedicated, and experienced personnel to handle things in a seamless manner. The entire management plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing organizational success but nothing works if a professional director isn’t at the helm. IMC makes sure that startups and newly established firms get the best possible directorship services, in order to perform the designated duties.

Directorship Roles to Cover

At IMC, we make sure that region-specific directors are assigned for the job. We make sure that all the roles and responsibilities are taken care of by the designated individual. Here are the following roles that our skilled directors can take care of:

  • Conducting board reviews.
  • Authorizing firm payments and transactional activities
  • Ensuring complete transparency by filing policy and strategic decisions
  • Providing central management
  • Controlling firm-centric jurisdiction
  • Reviewing contracts with third-parties
  • Reviewing investment opportunities and concerned documents
  • Facilitating and supervising opening of new bank accounts
  • Attending board meetings
  • Attending to conference calls
  • Reviewing and even proposing changes to company memorandum and associative articles
  • Assisting with firm compliance and drafts related to governance
  • Reviewing the local business regulations and rules

IMC comes across as a market leader, providing best-in-class directorship services. Our feature sets are extremely intuitive and balanced. We make sure our services bring in extended levels of comprehensiveness into the mix. Our handpicked professionals are proactive, supportive and willing to put in all the necessary efforts, regardless of the jurisdiction.

Our Service Sets

IMC provides skilled and highly professional directors, for diverse offshore and onshore firms. Our directors come equipped with practical industrial experience and in-depth managerial knowhow. The professional services on offer take care of the organizational structuring, regulation of firm investment, structuring, fund formation, and other aspects. IMC’s extensive service modules include:

  • Director appointment across diverse industry verticals
  • Document reviews before selecting appropriate personnel
  • Focus towards the long-term organizational benefits
  • Efforts to exceed client expectations

Why Choose IMC?

At IMC, we offered tailored and personalized directorship services. We make sure that the skilled professionals are capable of diversifying their skill sets while working relentlessly towards the betterment of the firm.

We offer a competitive advantage to the firm as an experienced manager with relevant knowledge of the industry is definitely an asset.

Our extremely targeted specializations concerning directorship services include:

1. Tailored Solutions

We maintain client discretion and follow a stringent acceptance process. The directors selected by us are well-versed with the organizational standards and capable of interacting with the investors in the most productive manner. Selections are made on the basis of region-centric, tailored regulations.

2. Unmatched Independence

Firms going with IMC’s directorship service are independent. The professionals ensure mitigation of internal conflicts and encouragement of the organizational potential.

3. Experienced Judgement and Corporate Governance

Professionals assuming the role of directors are well-versed with the technical aspects of running an organization. The expertise involves fund management, audit compliance, administrative knowhow, and adherence with the corporate governance.

4. Active Oversight

IMC also provides fiduciary oversight into the most essential aspects of the concerned organization. The active oversight adheres to the regulations and is highly consistent with the best industrial practices. Organizational oversight extends beyond distressed situations, course of business, and fund formation.

5. Confidentiality

Our directors sign the NDA with the concerned organization before assuming responsibilities. This feature takes care of the confidentiality and minimizes data leaks.

IMC offers accessible, responsive, and discretionary directorship services to its extensive clientele. We also offer the option to hire contractual workforce, depending on the requirements of skilled employees within the setup.

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