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Indian Companies Setup Branch Office in Dubai

A Complete Guide to Setting up Your Company in Dubai – For Indian Companies

Last Updated on July 2, 2021


Are you an individual striving for a company formation in Dubai as it’s one of the most top cities in the United Arab Emirates? Or are you a businessman interested in expanding his business in Dubai to gain more business and grab profitable opportunities?

If it’s a Yes then, you have landed in the right place. We are here to provide you our full assistance throughout the expansion or formation of a company in Dubai.

The Process

The procedure to form a company or to expand your business in Dubai can be overwhelming sometimes. We also understand that the company’s formation in Dubai can be challenging for you. Therefore, we are here to guide you throughout the process.

The Essential Steps for the formation of a company in Dubai are as follows:

 Step 1: Apply or get in touch with IMC for rendering professional and well-informed services regarding the Company formation in Dubai or any place in UAE.

Step 2: Choose a company name or a trading name for your business in Dubai and make sure to reserve and register the said name with the concerned authority.

Step 3:  For setting up the business in Dubai, the company’s concerned member is required to register the company in the records of the Department of Economic Development.

Step 4:  Apply for buying a rented or lease premises for the business in Dubai or UAE.

Step 5:  The company’s concerned member has to notify the MOA and AOA and other necessary documents with proper legal stamps at the Department of Economic Development.

Step 6:  Once you submit all necessary company documents and receive the sanction from the Department of Economic Development, you can initiate the further procedure to file all the compliances and licenses.

Step 7:  File for getting an appropriate trade license according to the nature of the work of your company.

Step 8:  The concerned authority must apply for the registration of membership at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).

Step 9:  Get the Establishment card for the Ministry of Labour.

Step 10:  Apply for the registration of the company’s employees at the Ministry of Labour.

Step 11:  Apply for the registration of the company’s employees General Authority for Pension and Social Security.


1. What are the beneficial reasons to set up a business in Dubai?

While reading this article, the first question that must have popped in your mind is why Dubai? Or why and how it is beneficial to expand and set up the business in Dubai or any place in UAE.

If you think logically, there are various reasons why an individual must expand or set up his business in Dubai. One of the reasons is that the Dubai government has ensured to offer profitable opportunities for doing business to various companies and entrepreneurs from the rest of the world. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Support from the UAE Government

The UAE government ensures to provide attractive opportunities for doing business and flexible policies for registration of companies. It offers flexible service tax exemptions and other tax exemptions for ease of business. Moreover, the government provides convenient networking and excellent infrastructure. Also, the Dubai government encourages Indians who have a business set up in Dubai or all over the UAE territory and provide numerous flexibility in import duties, free trade, and various other policies and regulations for advancing the development of their economy.

Geographical benefits of Dubai

The territories of Dubai or any UAE place are a gateway location between the Eastern and Western countries. Dubai’s location provides incredible ease to the Dubai companies to broaden their customer base throughout the globe. Moreover, Dubai’s location plays a significant factor in spreading the business further to Middle East regions. Dubai is considered to have the biggest marine terminal, high connected airlines, and the most connected airline to fly at the lowest costs, making Dubai the best place for manufacturing and trading companies.

2. What Pro Services do you need in Dubai and from where?

The long and challenging procedures to set up a business in Dubai can be an overwhelming process for many of you. Therefore, we advise you to avail of pro services in Dubai to apply for numerous essential licenses from the concerned authorities.

Some of the Pro Services that can be available for the formation of the company in UAE are as follows:

  • Furnishing compliances, permits, registrations, and necessary licenses of the company.
  • Furnishing compliances, permits, registrations, and necessary licenses of the company.
  • Furnish the company business license from the local authorities and ensure the renewal of necessary licenses.
  • Moreover, furnish the certificates and sanction from concerned authorities such as Certificate of Origin, Attestation, payment of DEWA, or Etisalat more.
  • Ensure to monitor the ministerial guidelines and policies from concerned legislative authorities and intimate the concerned department regarding the same.

IMC is one of the best company formation service providers to render impeccable services in furnishing compliances and licenses in Dubai or all over the UAE.


The above-mentioned benefits and features are worth grabbing the opportunity to set up your business in Dubai or any other contiguous place in UAE. In case you are still feeling clueless regarding the compliances to set up your business, you must contact and avail the best Pro services of IMC to form or expand the company in Dubai or all over the United Arab Emirates.


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