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Lean Start-up Companies to get you to invest sooner

We are here to help you set up your Start-up company in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Check out our attractive packages for easy incorporation process

Incorporation of an AMEA Has never been so straightforward and easy.

We understand how tedious it can be to incorporate a company in Asia, Middle East and Africa; so we created this as a service offering for you.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

No hidden third-party fees for filing on your behalf. It’s just a one-time cost to help you with company incorporation process
Quick processing time

Quick processing time

With the help of latest technology, we are able to process your application in shorter turnaround time and get your business set up done quickly
Efficiency in our processes

Efficiency in our processes

Forget humungous paperwork and documentation. Now, you can save all your important documents on the cloud and access it from anywhere
Built with a clear objective

Built with a clear objective

We've collaborated with investors and thus we understand your requirements. Our user-friendly platform provides all you could need so that you stay focused

We offer corporate and business solutions specifically designed for you.

Assisting you with everything you need to set up your investment vehicle in Asia, Middle East and Africa

Company Incorporation

Start with filling our online form, along with uploading the required documents and we would register your new company with AMEA. We manage the process of:

  • Checking and then reserving your company name
  • Arranging and filling all registration forms
  • Organizing your company constitution, that is, memorandum and articles of the company
  • Paying the advance professional and filing fees

Company Secretary

Every company is legally-bound to hire or have a company secretary. A company secretary is a person who takes care of your company’s compliance procedures with the relevant authorities such as:

  • Forming or setting up your company and getting ready with all registration forms
  • Organizing your company constitution, that is, memorandum and articles of the company
  • Arranging your corporate compliance kit with registers, share certificates and minutes book
  • Organizing your annual return filing both for your shareholders and directors

Provide a company secretary to your company for one year.
Maintaining all statutory records as required under local laws of Asia, Middle East and Africa including but not limited to the following statutory registers:

  • Register of Applications and Allotments
  • Register of Members
  • Register of Transfer
  • Register of Director, Manager and Auditor
  • Register of Directors’ Shareholding
  • Register of Debenture

Resident director

If you are an overseas entrepreneur or founder, then we recommend you to use our services to take care of your legal requirement of having a locally-resident director on your company’s board. Or if you need someone till you have someone with an EP to act as your locally-resident director, we can manage that as well.

  • There is no hidden cost involved
  • Nominee director registration process along with annual renewal
  • Offering 3-month and 6-month terms for temporary nominee directorships

The complete (international) package

If you currently reside overseas, we help in managing everything you could need to register your start-up in Singapore. Our package includes looking for a resident director, a company secretary, and a local address for you.

  • Your compliance is sorted for the year – be it arranging the AGMs or filing annual returns
  • We manage the nominee director registration along with annual renewal
  • All the mail that is sent to you is scanned and then uploaded on a secure mailroom so that you can review it

Address Registration

If your headquarters or other office is located overseas, then you can use our services to fulfil your legal obligation to have a registered address in Asia,Middle East and Africa. This typically includes:

  • Address to be used in your set up or company formation application with AMEA
  • Paperless and automated mail forwarding - we scan and then upload all your mails on our portal for you to review (you'll get notifications too)