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Personal Holdings

Private Client & Family Advisory

At IMC, we help manage your assets privately and provide professional advisory services to your private clientele.

Private Client Services provides advisory on a comprehensive range of solutions for asset protection, tax planning, estate planning, corporate & trusts, fiduciary services and primarily works with network partners and intermediaries including private banks, asset managers, trust firms, family offices, accounting and legal firms and independent financial advisors. Using the expertise and capabilities of our global network we are the preferred services provider for many clients because of our specialist knowledge of covering both common and civil law jurisdictions.

With globalization of individuals, families along with their assets and the changing trend toward greater transparency has altered the scope and sustainability of offerings required from intermediaries and service providers. Our Private Client Services is equipped with an understanding and knowledge of the particular needs of high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, families, family offices and their businesses.

Why Choose IMC?

Our clients can have access to a team of professionals who are able to assist in the day to day management of their corporate and trust structures by providing efficient and effective administration support services.

Our Services

Personal Holdings

Special Purpose Vehicles

Estate Planning

Trusts Formation

Private Foundations

Fiduciary Services

Dual Nationality & Residential Planning

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