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Professional Corporate Secretarial Sevices

Professional Corporate Secretarial Services from IMC

Company establishment and other legislative moves are often plagued with challenges. In most cases, it becomes exceedingly difficult for a new firm to manage compliance and adhere to the local legislations, sans any form of administrative support. At this point, IMC steps in and renders its helping hand to clients, regardless of their global positioning.

Why Company Secretarial Services are Necessary?

Regulatory non-compliance is a major threat for a majority of global organizations. Companies move around frantically for streamlining the establishment and in the process ignore local and even global regulatory guidelines. Non-compliance, if and when identified, can lead to penalties and delisting. Corporate secretarial services help companies keep up with the regulatory guidelines while easing out most of their administrative burdens.

With global authorities and governance stressing upon transparent business practices, it becomes all the more important for organizations to resort to independent corporate secretarial services for adhering to the local guidelines, including financial, administrative, and other aspects.

The Role of IMC

Corporate non-compliance is a bigger threat than we all consider it to be. At IMC, we offer solutions and techniques that can help professionals with compliance and increased corporate functionality across diverse geographical and functional boundaries. We offer an increased scope of services that include:

  • Statutory organizational health checks
  • Compliance maintenance
  • Considering periodic regulatory changes and transforming services, accordingly
  • Assessment of existing compliance standards and status
  • Accounting for special events
  • Following up the procedures for rendering recurring compliance

IMC thrives on streamlined corporate project management and consistent methodology for offering the best set of corporate secretarial services to the clients. We make sure that operational efficiency isn’t compromised one bit while maintaining legislative and administrative compliance.

Why Choose IMC?

IMC makes sure that the secretarial support and associated services are strategically designed; thereby helping companies fulfill the diverse compliance requirements. We make sure that professionals get access to company books, electronic databases, and every aspect of the annual filings and financial well-being.

Our services also extend to incorporations where we offer standard and even bespoke inclusions from property management firms, LLPs, and even public and private limited companies. We make sure each one of these organizations can initiate a seamless due diligence process by skillfully managing humongous data sets.

We help companies by:

  • Managing meetings
  • Preparing data rooms
  • Ensuring statutory returns
  • Drafting corporate agreements
  • Coordinating correspondence with local regulatory bodies
  • Circulating documents and briefings
  • Maintaining due diligence
  • Supervising fee returns and filings
  • Arranging support staff for secondment

We make sure that every organizational area is covered with precision while meeting and considering the deadlines. Our bespoke secretarial support system also takes all the association drafting amendments into the play followed by resolutions and minutes of member interactions. We make sure that the entire process of recruitment and termination is supervised to maintain transparency.

Besides that, we also keep a close eye on the administrative restorations and company name changes, if any. Share capital, share issues, and transfers are handled with ease. IMC also makes sure that statutory registers and audit centric compliance checks are handled with ease.

At IMC, every aspect, considering the administrative and legislative well-being, is taken care of.

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