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Maintenance of Statutory Documents

Services related to Maintenance of Statutory Documents

A company needs to maintain statutory documents, to adhere to the regulatory guidelines of a particular jurisdiction. Organizations often move across to different regions for setting up shops but the lack of regulatory compliance cuts short the progress. However, if every statutory record is in place, it becomes easier to keep up with the evolving financial requirements, regardless of the region you are in.

At IMC, we make sure that each one of your diverse statutory documents is stored, retrieved, and maintained upon requirements. Besides storing records in the form of registers, we also make sure that virtual adherence is maintained for select insights. We understand that the global financial landscape is prone to frequent scrutiny. Therefore, if and when, an organization fails to adhere to the statutory regulations and guidelines, it becomes exceedingly difficult to stay afloat.

Why Maintenance of Statutory Documents is Necessary?

Region-specific firms have a lot to worry about. Besides managing the financial statements that would fit in with the guidelines set by a particular jurisdiction, they also need to keep a record of all the statutory information, to produce the same, when required. The entire process of maintaining documents is time-consuming and the firm must dedicate a larger chunk of its manpower for the same.

Continual exhaustive maintenance also leads to mistakes. However, even the smallest of errors might attract the heaviest possible penalties, especially if the statutory domain is concerned.

The Role of IMC

At IMC, we make sure that professional help is available to the concerned companies when it comes to maintaining statutory documents. We also offer relevant and aligned services, including document production, execution, and retention. Our multi-dimensional services make sure that the proper legislative expertise is on offer; thereby helping SMEs and MSMEs stay ahead of the competitors, in terms of statutory documentation.

Our record maintaining services extend across a host of possibilities, including index, registers, minutes, memorandum, or any other document that might bring up the issue of non-compliance. We make sure that the companies can select their own method of record-keeping as we have the technological prowess to even handle electronic storage with ease.

Our Service sets include:

  • Maintenance of records in a uniform format to facilitate seamless retrievals
  • Availability of retrievable, readable, and reproducible records’
  • Reports are cross-checked multiple times for errors
  • Document maintenance principles that adhere to the region-specific jurisdiction
  • No alteration principle
  • Production and retention in both manual and electronic format
  • Quickest process of retrieving the digital signature of authorities
  • Updated records depending on modifying financial standards

At IMC, we understand that companies might require additional certificates besides document maintenance, to get the corporate setup validated. We help firms update every obsolete document according to the latest guidelines while even arranging for different filings. Our services help appease the relevant authorities, thereby helping firms with sustainability and compliance.

Besides handling almost every statutory document that is available for usage, we also offer a host of secondary services. These include:

  • Instigating and supervising a change in shareholders and directors, based on statutory guidelines
  • Issuing ‘Certificate of Incumbency’ that would allow opening bank accounts
  • Resolution of board-related issues
  • Keeping the organization compliant

At IMC, we offer a sense of statutory well-being to the organizations besides helping them concentrate better on doing business, instead of worrying about paperwork.

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