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Business Entity Types

Services related to Selecting Business Entity Types

Smaller businesses need to pre-define the structure and entity formation standards to keep up with the financial, administrative, and legislative implications. Be it the amount of the tax that is to be paid or the availability of loans, business entity type determines the pathway for an organization. If you are looking to start an entrepreneurial venture, it is necessary to choose the business entity type that serves your interests, goals, aspiration, and ambitions, in the best possible way.

Why Business Entity Type Determination is Necessary?

To start with, a business entity clearly defines the structure associated with trade engagements, partaking, and other aspects of doing business. The overall structure of the venture determines the legalities, financial constraints, administrative bottlenecks, amount of indirect and direct tax, and other aspects that are necessary for being complaint.

Not just that, the process of dissolution, risk factors, and legal actions taken against the business are also determined by the entity structure in place. That said, organizations fail to realize which entity type is the best, according to their interests. In most cases, the owners find it hard to ascertain the structure and eventually fail to give the best possible start to their endeavors.

Business entity type determination is necessary in order to align the business on the basis of circumstances and purposes. Although a structural consultation is necessary, legal aspects also need to be taken care of. The main purpose of structuring the business in the best possible way is to achieve cost-effectiveness.

The Role of IMC

At IMC, we offer the best corporate advice to structure the business, in the best possible manner. Our services are aligned to regional, local, and international clients with focus on increasing efficiency. Most importantly, besides offering advice regarding business entity formation, we also help the organization with paperwork and relevant reporting.

We take several aspects and aspirations into account while offering expertise regarding LLCs, C Corporation, S Corporation, and other relevant setups. Our business entity experts understand the specific company requirements and help individuals with relevant choices.

Our services include:

  • Independent tax structuring based on the nature of the company
  • Putting shareholder limitation
  • Adherence with the S and C corporation formations
  • Making the business entity setup process easy and operational
  • Addressing the legal liabilities associated with business setup
  • Keeping a close eye on the administration, regional aspects, local standards, and CRS guidelines
  • Analyzing the tax implications that are necessary depending on the nature of the setup
  • Separation of personal and professional assets based on business debts
  • Preparation of reports depending on the company profit and losses
  • Selective guidance towards setting up sole proprietorship firms
  • Formation of hybrid in the form of Limited Liability Companies
  • Ascertaining the overall cost of formation and giving out the relevant advice
  • Drafting agreements and constitutional documents for minimizing business risks

IMC makes sure that the process of business structuring and entity formation takes a flexible approach into account. We make way for maximizing business ownership and chances of making profits, especially in the long run. IMC never opts for a one-size-fits-all approach and takes every business aspiration into account, before setting up the entity.

IMC also takes the future requirements into account and delegates specialists, accordingly. Lastly, our services also extend towards reporting, auditing, employee status reporting, and declaring potential liabilities.

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